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Jobs Program Partnership

Jobs Program Partnership

Jobs Program Partnership


We would like to express our gratitude to MAYOR LENNY CURRY, the CITY OF JACKSONVILLE, and our CITY COUNCIL for continuing to partner with us in this crime-prevention program of finding employment for the men and women returning to Duval County from prison.  We appreciate their continued confidence in our program!

Potential clients should call our office to be pre-qualified and to schedule an appointment: 


Our Services Are Free

Jobs Program Partnership

Jobs Program Partnership


  At Prisoners of Christ, we help our clients find immediate employment, but our long term goal is for each person to secure a job they love.

“I get up before my alarm every day because I’m happy to go to work. This is what we want our clients to experience as well,” says Craig Rodenkirch, POC Jobs Specialist. “Some love the first job they get after coming to us. A client recently told me, ‘I love this job and will love it 10 years from now! I don’t need help finding another one!’” 

Other clients are amazed we are still working with them a week or two after their initial appointment. Their experience is often that others have given up on them. 

Our policy is to stick with the client until they are gainfully employed. 

What To Expect

Jobs Program Partnership

Challenges Facing Felons


Our process starts when the potential client calls our office to schedule an appointment. Ashley, our Office Administrator, adds them to our calendar and begins the necessary paperwork. She explains to the client what will happen while they are in our office for the 90 minute to 2 hour appointment. She often provides directions to our facility and even what bus number they should take.

Clients begin their appointment with Jobs Specialist Alec Lawson. He crafts a professional resume’ for each person. Alec can take someone who says they’ve never done anything, help them see that they actually have job skills and experience, and get it down on paper in a professional manner. After creating the resume’, Alec spends some time coaching each client on interview skills. Next, clients meet with Craig, who matches and submits the resumes’ to companies seeking help. He may give the client several leads, make calls on the clients’ behalf or set up interviews. His work does not stop until the client has found gainful employment and no longer needs our assistance. 

Challenges Facing Felons

Challenges Facing Felons

Challenges Facing Felons


1. TRANSPORTATION - Most do not have cars, and many do not have a valid driver’s license. We try to find them a job near where they live or near a bus line.

2. COMMUNICATION - Clients arrive at POC with a phone, and we aim to help them keep that cell phone bill paid so they can be contacted by potential employers. This is why we often help them secure immediate, temporary employment. 

3. TECHNOLOGY - If a client has been in prison for 10, 20 or 30 years, they have no idea how to navigate a computer. They don’t know how to apply online, check their email, respond to an email, or even what email is. At POC, we are willing to tell them kindly, again and again, what all this technology means and how to use it in order to secure employment. 

Client Testimonials

Challenges Facing Felons

Client Testimonials


Jerry J.:  "Two weeks after I got released I was working. You helped make that happen. I am not sure I would be working if ya’ll hadn’t been so hospitable and friendly."

“Ya’ll were nothing but a true blessing and a gift from God.” Daren M.

Carrie J. said, “Loved you guys” and “The thing I like the best is you call and stay in touch.”

“I think the program is excellent. it really helped me out. Hey, I’m working.” Charles S.

“You guys are great, very professional, friendly, patient and kind. I’ve recommended you to a couple of my friends.”  Nicole D.

"I really like the program and I pass out your cards to everyone I can." Henry M.


Challenges Facing Felons

Client Testimonials


Q:  Who do you help get a job?

A:   Men and women returning to Duval County from prison

Q:  Does it cost anything?

A:  No, our services are free

Q:  Do I need an appointment?

A:  Yes.  Not everyone qualifies for our services, so please call, answer a few questions, and then we will schedule a time for you to come in to meet with our Jobs Specialists.

Q:  What number do I call?

A:  904.358.8866

Q:  Where is POC located?

A:  6940 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL